1 Connect power and press the power button on WiDRIVE 2

2 Insert any USB storage device in the USB port of the WiDRIVE 2.

3 Select «Sync» and then select «WiDRIVE» on the Xcorder menu.

4 Select «Sync» on the Xcorder to start transferring media files.

5 When the transfer is complete, take the USB storage device out of the WiDRIVE 2 and connect it to your PC. The media files are located on the root level.


- Remember to move/copy the media files from your USB storage device between each sync. If not, the next sync can overwrite your files without notice.

- Syncing on the move? The WiDRIVE 2 is capable of running on its internal battery for 5 hours.
- You can also transfer media files directly to a shared folder on your pc (requires admin privileges). learn more here.